My name is Valentina Petrova. Welcome to my consulting site. I offer Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) consulting. I specialize in ATLAS.ti 8 and 9 for Windows.

QDA software does not do the analysis for you and I won’t either. I will help you choose the program best suited for your project (whether that is ATLAS.ti or one of the myriad other options). I can teach you how to use the software, but more importantly, I can help you brainstorm the best ways to adapt a given QDA program for your specific research.

I have more than nine years of experience tutoring graduate students and other researchers in QDA and teaching workshops in ATLAS.ti. I have also used ATLAS.ti for my own master’s level research and in my daily work as a health services researcher and qualitative team lead. I am a certified ATLAS.ti professional senior trainer. As a lifelong learner, I love to wrap my mind around different projects and help researchers discover the best ways to use a software program to analyze their qualitative data – be it text, video, images, or other media.

Please let me know how I can assist you:

(Please note, I am not taking on long-term clients in June 2021 and I am stepping away from my work July-September, 2021. I will be away from email for most of that time as well. I will return in October 2021 and look forward to resuming my consulting services at that time as well. You are welcome to send me a message during this period, but I will be slow to respond.)