QDA software does not do the analysis for you and neither will I. QDA software does facilitate the process and allows you to view the connections made across data and theory in many different ways. It helps you stay organized by keeping your data, coding, analysis notes, and reports (visualizations, tables, etc.) in one place. What I do is help you learn how to use QDA programs to manage your qualitative research project successfully.


What I can offer to help you maximize the value of QDA tools:

  • Teaching the software – basic and advanced features;
  • Project-specific consulting – how to best adapt ATLAS.ti (the software package I specialize in) for your specific research project.


  • Online: Via web conference where I can share my screen with you to demonstrate ATLAS.ti features
  • In-person: In the greater Seattle area
  • Email: For simple and/or follow up questions after an online or in-person consulting session
  • Phone: Another option for instances where web conferencing is not available

How much

Consulting on either the software or projects can be charged on a fixed cost basis or starting at $50/hour student rate and $70/hour for other researchers. For a more accurate estimate, please contact me with details of your interest in learning ATLAS.ti or using QDA for a specific project.

(Please note, I am not taking on long-term clients in June 2021 and I am stepping away from my work July-September, 2021. I will be away from email for most of that time as well. I will return in October 2021 and look forward to resuming my consulting services at that time as well. You are welcome to send me a message during this period, but I will be slow to respond.)