JSIS 595: QDA with ATLAS.ti

This two-session workshop is included in the JSIS 595 class at the University of Washington, Spring 2015 – Qualitative Case-Based Research Methods.

Click here for the slides from Part I and here for the sample data used in both sessions. The Copy Bundle file from Part I can be accessed here.

May 5: Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti – Part I (Introduction)

This session will include an overview of software programs used for QDA. It will focus on ATLAS.ti, its key elements and functions. We will create a hermeneutic unit (HU) – a project file – and organize a set of sample qualitative data files inside the HU (semi-structured interviews, PDF documents, images, maps, newspaper articles, and a video). This will be a mini example project, a case study of Teach for Australia (TFA, teachforaustralia.org), including semi-structured interviews with TFA associates (teachers in the TFA program). We will employ a content analysis approach to the sample qualitative data.

May 19: Qualitative Data Analysis with ATLAS.ti – Part II (Application)

The hands-on interactive Teach for Australia (TFA) project work will continue with data segmentation (selecting quotations), coding, data exploration and analysis (including memo writing). We will also practice generating outputs/reports from ATLAS.ti. This TFA sample project is an example of one type of qualitative research (a case study, featuring interviews, and using content analysis methodology) that ATLAS.ti is very well suited for. The purpose of this session is to teach the basic functions of the software. Resources for some more advanced features – such as team work, importing survey data, and working with Google Earth – will be provided for participants to explore on their own.