University of Washington – School of Nursing – June 2022

This is a two-day workshop on ATLAS.ti 22 for Windows presented to faculty and graduate students at UW’s School of Nursing. The workshop will feature hands-on exercises, including project setup, coding, analysis, and teamwork best practices. Below is a small sample dataset of Teach for Australia interviews (transcribed promotional videos that were publicly available online, offering an approximation of semi-structured research interviews), and a set of example Project Bundles and supporting documents. The Project Bundles & supporting docs will be used to demonstrate teamwork flow.

  • TFA – large dataset (5 short interviews, transcribed; an audio file; PDFs of reports, literature review readings, etc.; 3 image files; other Word documents)
  • TFA – supplemental materials (Project Bundles & supporting docs for teamwork demo; survey example; deductive code list; document groups spreadsheet, etc.)